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…truly an adventure!

Posted by ZambeziGuest on August 3, 2012 at 12:52 pm



Hi Liz

Every thing went very well on my holiday I had no problems at all, thanks to your arrangements and research including reading all the travel advise and information recommended by you. I loved it, and if I become rich I would take all my friends and family. I tell everyone Africa needs to be on your “must do list” or “bucket list”. I tell all the scaredy cats it is safe on a planned trip. I was well looked after

I have been very busy since returning but as of today I have plenty of time.

Every day was truly an adventure with elephants, a hippo and leopards in the camp at night and a pride of 16 lions at the water hole in front of the camp one morning (chasing Elk to the camp). I now have time to play with my photos, contact those I met to share photos and write a review on the places I stayed. I would love to go back to Africa.

Thank you heaps Dawn

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