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We had a lot of fun….


You can be sure that we had a great time in Vic Falls and Camp Hwange.

In Vic Falls the best option without any doubts was to stay in Lorrie’s B&B. They are awesome and George is such a character, we had a lot of fun.

In Camp Hwange, the owner Dave and his guides were very helpful and did their best for us to explore the wilderness (even though it was hard to find a lion… we spotted a lioness on that very last moments!!)

Take a look on this picture and see if you recognize the place :-)

Mar 19, 2013

Adventure to Botswana and Victoria Falls!


Thank you for reaching out, Liz, and sorry for the delay in my reply. I had a wonderful time and am just getting back into the swing of things after recovering from jet lag. I really appreciate you planning my adventure to Botswana and Victoria Falls.

A few comments on Victoria Falls. I really enjoyed the lion walk, although it was not quite as exciting as it should have been because I had visited the lion park in Joburg prior and spent about 30 minutes playing with a lion cub there so I was a bit spoiled :) The weather wasn’t great in Vic Falls so the boat and helicopter rides kept getting postponed and weren’t very good once we did go on them….and due to it being low season, I got swarmed by tons of vendors so I didn’t enjoy walking around outside of the hotel as I usually would have. Of course, you can’t control these things, but it definitely put a bit of a damper on the excitement I had hoped to have at the end of my trip. I also would have preferred to walk to and tour the Falls myself as opposed to the guided tour, as I felt my guide was a little rushed and I would have liked to have spent more time there on my own waiting for the spray to clear up.

I heard some really great things from fellow travelers in Botswana about staying on the Zambian side of the Falls. I’m curious about your thoughts on that in case I go again in the future with my daughter (many years down the road when she’s old enough to go).

Also, I found it a little disappointing to go to Chobe after being in the Delta / Linyati areas, as there are more strict rules when you go into the National Park. I would have preferred going to Chobe and Vic Falls first and then progressing to the more remote places with longer drives, fewer boundaries, etc., but it’s certainly not something that put a huge negative spin on my trip…and I know you probably went that route because you were abiding by my requests of where I wanted to go first.

This isn’t a criticism, just some feedback that I thought you might want for future planning. Of course, everyone is different, so they could have very different feedback from me. Thank you again, and I hope you don’t mind me providing commentary above!

Mar 19, 2013

Active family holiday in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe


The most amazing family holiday EVER!

Our amazing family holiday memories have not diminished; its the best family holiday we have ever had. It really surpassed all our expectations on many counts. We regularly recall the various memories whether that be the quality and quantity of animals we saw up close on the safari, including lions, elephants, giraffes, crocs, hippos (angry hippos chasing our river boat!), the most amazing birds and also fortunate enough to follow a leopard who was stalking his prey. Awesome!!

Cape town, (South Africa) was also truly magnificent with it´s natural beauty and then also the whale watching and shark diving experiences. It was also incredibly educational for us all to see and understand the history of the country. We took an afternoon to visit some of the townships and were also invited to take a look at a few charity organisations in the area which included a rape centre, soup kitchen, school and music academy. A really humbling experience filled with lots of emotion.

And last but by no means least was the activity part of our 3 part family holiday, Victoria Falls. The adrenaline rushes kept coming and coming. We still can’t agree as to which was the best, the bungee, bridge swing or white water rafting. Either way there was a lot of screaming and laughing that week!

The various accommodations you recommended in the three areas ticked all the boxes for us in relation to budget and comfort. Our luxury tent experience is one we will never forget. Our hosts and guides at all sites were amazing and a delight to spend any amount of time with.

All that remains is for us to thank you greatly for making our holiday truly magnificent. We could not have put such an amazing package together without your help, experience, knowledge and of course your patience.

Thank you very much Mark. For Nick and I it was was very important to create a holiday that worked for our two active teenage children as well as for us as parents. And it did!

Warm regards,

Nicola and Nick

Jan 9, 2013

Love is in the air!


Tony and Karen renew their vows on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

Nov 21, 2012

Elephant back safari – the bucket list



Elephant back safari_Zambia_ photo credits to Pamela Proehl

My legs are so stiff; oh yeah I did an elephant back safari

Thanks for all of your help arranging everything your assistance made our trip easy! Liked the sunset cruise great to see hippos out of the water. The canoe trip – loved seeing elephants feeding on the side of the river. Livingstone Island was amazing, wonderful views of the Victoria Falls. We did not swim in the Devils Pool, but others did and we took photographs of them instead before going back to the island for a lovely fully cooked breakfast.

We loved the elephant back riding. We had a great guide who was very informative as well and worth the price paid. We were the oldest in our group but loved the experience; it is now crossed off our bucket list!

Thanks again for all of your help!

Pam P

Pam and her partner enjoyed an elephant back safari activity in Victoria Falls.

These are half day encounters with orphaned African elephants.  This is the greatest opportunity to get up close to these beautiful animals and get to grips with their relationship with man.

The use of animals for man’s pleasure is a contentious issue and always will be. Helping to influence keeping the standards high, is one of the reasons Zambezi Safari and Travel supports two of the orphaned elephant herds in the Victoria Falls area.

Read more of the elephant back safari facts and maybe you’d like to add this to your bucket list.

Sep 4, 2012

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