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…truly an adventure!




Hi Liz

Every thing went very well on my holiday I had no problems at all, thanks to your arrangements and research including reading all the travel advise and information recommended by you. I loved it, and if I become rich I would take all my friends and family. I tell everyone Africa needs to be on your “must do list” or “bucket list”. I tell all the scaredy cats it is safe on a planned trip. I was well looked after

I have been very busy since returning but as of today I have plenty of time.

Every day was truly an adventure with elephants, a hippo and leopards in the camp at night and a pride of 16 lions at the water hole in front of the camp one morning (chasing Elk to the camp). I now have time to play with my photos, contact those I met to share photos and write a review on the places I stayed. I would love to go back to Africa.

Thank you heaps Dawn

Aug 3, 2012

Wonderful time in Zambia


We had a wonderful time and would definitely recomend the Bushcamp Company,(Zambia) and especially the 3 bushcamps we stayed at. All 3 were amazing and since we were the only 3 guests for 5 of our 6 nights, it was like a private safari.

In retrospect we should probably have not stayed at Waterberry given its distance from the Falls and the fact that we only had one full day there. Our time would have been better used if we had been closer to the “action”. Debbie and Mike though did do a bird walk there and enjoyed it.

I have posted a large number of our photos on Flickr here

As you will see from that we had some wonderful sightings


Jul 6, 2012

Hippos on the Chobe River, Botswana


Delene –

We really enjoyed the service we received in booking activities for Victoria Falls. When our flights were delayed and we need a last minute change of activity dates, you were so quickly responsive – taking a lot of stress out of a potentially stressful situation.
You’re help was much appreciated.


Jun 20, 2012

Zambia and Victoria Falls was amazing!


Good Morning Delene

Thank you for your email.

We have arrived safely home after an amazing holiday.

We were met upon our arrival at Livingstone Airport by our driver who was waiting patiently in the arrivals hall. I cannot recall his name; however he was very friendly and provided us with some insight into the town of Livingstone as we made our way from the airport to our hotel, pointing out historical buildings and convenience stores.

Upon arrival at our hotel, we discovered that we had left our camera in the vehicle, and after a phone call from reception our driver returned within a few minutes with our camera which we were very grateful for.

The hotel was beautiful and the service was fantastic, especially our sunset river cruise on the Lady Livingstone where we saw a small herd of hippos playing in the river.

There was one minor hiccup in our tours of the falls, in which a miscommunication occurred as to where our Zambian Tour ended and our Zimbabwean side commenced. We were informed by the activities ladies at the hotel that we would be met at the Zambian border and escorted across to the Zimbabwean side, however after half an hour wait we decided to walk across the bridge and border, where we found our tour guide waiting patiently for us on the Zimbabwean side. This wasnt such a bad thing, as we had the experience of walking across the border and the bridge, with some great photo opportunities that we would have missed out on had we been driven across. Our tour guide on the Zimbabwean side was very friendly, patient and informative.

After three weeks in Southern Africa, we have ended up with more than 3000 photographs and it is very difficult to narrow it down to a few, however we are happy to share some of our favourites in the attached link which is a photobook of our holiday. Pages 116-136 are of our time in Zambia and Victoria Falls.

Overall, our time in Zambia and Victoria Falls was amazing and some of the most enjoyable moments of our lives.

Thank you once again for all your assistance and advice leading up to our holiday.

Kind regards

Tracy A

Jun 19, 2012

Victoria Falls bungee


Test the edge of fear – try the 110m bungee jump off the Victoria Fall bridge.

This collection of BigAir shots from Victoria Falls bungee (courtesy Trish Mambinge and Garth Flower), will wet your appetite. Bungee jumping started up in 1994 and then the Bridge Swing and the Bridge slide were introduced in 2005. Almost 150 000 clients have done this jump with over 30 specially trained crew members as back-up. There is an impeccable safety record bar one incident in 2011 when the rope snapped. The Australian female client survived the experience.

The minium age is 14yrs and the miniumum weight is 40kgs (maximum is 140kgs). Really none of this matters as much as the size of your addiction to adrenalin.

Do you need adrenalin or don’t you and how much turns you on. This jump will get you fixed for quite a while.

Your weight causes the rope to stretch up to three times its original length and you get to have at least two up and downs if not more. You’ll be winched back up to safety when you’ve settled in mid-air. You might even  end up wishing that you’d done more than the Victoria Falls bungee and opted for the Big Air experience instead.

The Big Air Experience combined the bungee jump, bridge swing and bridge slide – three in one! You’ll get a special discount if you’re up for the whole package – as a sign of your bravery. Please oh please don’t opt for more than three in one on the same day. I’m not sure that the Zambezi team could handle that amount of adrenalin one day!

“5 – 4 – 3 – 2- 1 – B-U-N-G-E-E!!!!!!” The drop only takes 4 seconds. You’ll see the Zambezi in really widescreen mode.


It’s a leap of faith before freefalling for up to 70 metres before you fly out over the rapids of the Zambezi River in a huge arc

Apr 19, 2012

Victoria Falls – best seen from Zimbabwe or Zambia?


This argument continues to rage, light-heartedly of course.  The answer is simple – Zim is the place to get the best view from ground level.  Your alternative is to get aerial and take a chopper ride over the Falls.

Zimbabwe is on the western bank of the Zambezi and holds 4 of the 5 waterfalls – the Devil’s Cataract, the Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Horseshoe Falls. The Eastern Cataract flows on the Zambian shoreline.

Shearwater chopper over the Main Falls, with Livingstone Island, Horseshoe and Rainbow Falls (Zim side). Eastern Cataract and the Knife Edge at top of picture (Zambian side).

Zimbabwe’s rainforest shrouded in spray. At the Main Falls this massive volume of water is converted to mist by strong rising winds before it hits the floor of the gorge 93m below.

The Devil’s Cataract, Zimbabwe. Derives its name from the adjacent island where local tribesmen performed sacrificial ceremonies during the time of the early missionaries. These acts were referred to as “devilish”. Hence the name of the western-most cataract over which water cascades 70m.

Batoka Sky microlight over the Eastern Cataract (pic courtesy SafPar)

Left to right, Livingstone Island, Horseshoe and Rainbow Falls in Zimbabwe, Eastern Cataract in Zambia. (Devil’s Cataract and the Main Falls are out of view on the left. In the foreground, Danger Point (Zimbabwe), the Knife Edge (Zambia).

More aerial shots of Victoria Falls on ZambeziFans

Apr 6, 2012

Rafting the Batoka Gorge, Zambezi River


Commercial rafting first commenced on the Zambezi River in 1981 and since then this activity has grown in popularity.

Every year, approximately 50 000 people enjoy white water rafting on the Zambezi on a stretch of water that is now internationally acclaimed as the best white water rafting trip available in the world.

Features of the Zambezi River below Victoria Falls

  • The Zambezi River is classified as a high volume; pool-drop river i.e. there is little exposed rock either in the rapids or the pools below the rapids.

  • The distance between rapids varies from 100 metres to 2 kms.

  • The Batoka Gorge itself is approximately 120m deep at the put-in point and 230m at the take out point.

  • The river drops about 120m over the 24 km covered in the one-day raft trip and the depth of the river can reach 200 ft.

  • The British Canoe Union has classified the river Grade 5 – “extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas”.

  • Nearly half of the rapids negotiated are Grade 5. (Grade 6 is un-runnable – rapid Number 9, “Commercial suicide” is a grade 6 rapid and we porter around this rapid).

Wildlife in the Batoka Gorge

  • Wildlife in the gorge is not abundant – it’s too steep. On occasion klipspringer, rock hyrax, vervet monkeys and baboon are spotted.

  • The birdlife is far more spectacular. Black eagle, augur buzzard, black stork, pied and giant kingfisher and red winged starling are some of the birds normally seen during the trips and sightings of the very rare Taita Falcon are  uncommon.

  • There are crocodile in the river, but they’re small and not a threat – this wild stretch of the Zambezi River is an unsuitable habitat.

Experience and Fitness for a Rafting trip

  • No previous rafting experience is required and clients need not be proficient swimmers.

  • At the beginning and at the end of the raft trip clients have to negotiate a steep path in and out of the Gorge.

  • The walk out is 230 vertical metres up a gradient of 1 in 3, and a person of average fitness can manage this in about 20 minutes.

Whitewater rafting age restrictions

  • The minimum age is 15 years. Children under 15 years may participate subject to consultation between parents and trip leader, whose decision is final.

  • The maximum age limit is dependent on the individual’s general state of health and physical fitness.

Rafts and Equipment

  • Operators us some of the finest equipment on the market to ensure that the trip is a safe and enjoyable one. Rafts  are the tried and tested river rafts required for the Zambezi River.

  • America’s Cup high flotation life jackets and Protec safety helmets are issued to clients before the day’s rafting.

  • Wet suits are provided and usually used by clients during the colder months (June/July).

  • All camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, dry bags, etc. is supplied on our multi-day trips and expeditions.

  • Clients need to bring good humour, shorts, T-shirts, costume, shoes, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and toiletries.  Warm clothing is suggested on the winter-time multi-day expeditions.

Guides and Safety

  • Guides are fully trained professionals and all hold valid advanced first aid certificates.

  • Whilst every precaution is taken, it is essential that clients are fully aware that there is a risk of injury associated with the activity of rafting on the Zambezi.

  • A comprehensive first aid kit and skid stretcher are carried on each trip.

  • Each client is required to sign a White Water Rafting indemnity form prior to departure.

  • Each trip leader is in radio contact with our bases in Victoria Falls and Livingstone and direct with M.A.R.S. (Medical Air Rescue Service).

Mar 26, 2012

Zambezi whitewater rafting options



  • The one-day rafting trip: Clearly the wildest one-day whitewater trip on the planet.  We operate on both shorelines in Zambia and Zimbabwe.  During high-water season (January to July) we run from rapids #11 to #25, during low-water season (August to January) you’ll experience the Zambezi at its finest from rapid #1 to #21. “Pitch and paddle next day” – no advance booking required.
If you thought the one-day option was a wild decision then here’s the serious stuff: multi-day Batoka Expeditions!  
  • A day and a night: Covers the day trip with a pull-out at rapid #23 and an overnight at our campsite over the Zambezi.  All inclusive, returns to Victoria Falls at around 10:00 on the second day.  Available during low water only.
  • Two and a half days: Includes an overnight camp at rapid #23 with rafting on the second day down to the upper Moemba campsite, trip ends next day at Chibongo (the Batoka dam site).  All inclusive and returns to Victoria Falls for lunch on the third day.  Available during low water only.
  • Five day expedition: A full coverage of the Batoka Gorge from Victoria Falls down to Matetsi.  Four nights are spent camping at rapid #23, upper “Moemba”, below Chibongo, and below “Asleep at the Wheel”.  Rafting continues on the fifth day followed by a 3 hour transfer back to Victoria Falls on the Milibizi/Hwange road.  Available during low water only.
  • Custom trips: all inclusive private expeditions for groups of between 4 and 20 guests on request.

Mar 26, 2012

Zambezi white water rafting

  • Acclaimed as the “wildest one-day whitewater run in the World”
  • recognised by rafting enthusiasts as one of the top ten paddling rivers on the planet!
  • If you don’t immediately associate the terms “Stairway to Heaven” and “Oblivion” with adventure then you haven’t experienced Zambezi Whitewater!
  • Do the one-day Zambezi whitewater trip or for best value join us on a multi-day rafting expedition through the Batoka Gorge.


Mar 26, 2012

…..had an absolute blast!



Hey Mark

Sorry it took so long to respond, it feels like we have been going since our return.  The trip was awesome and, in particular, Blue Footprints was spectacular!  We loved it there and highly recommend it, you found a gem there!  So many good things to see and do and Kymba and I had an absolute blast.  Check out our facebook photos, there are some amazing ones!  FYI, both Kymba and I felt Zimbabwe was the best country, people-wise.  As before, it seemed like everyone we met that we liked was from Zim!

Hope all is well in England and we look forward to hearing about your potential trip when it starts to come together.



Feb 29, 2012
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