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Lion Encounter

Lion Encounter

Africa's first genuine programme to ethically re-introduce the offspring of rehabilitated captive-bred African lion back into the wild, safeguarding the future of the king of the beasts.

No leashes, no collars, just a natural African wildlife adventure operating in the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park from Thorntree Lodge, 10 minutes from Livingstone. Clients will have the unique experience of walking alongside and interacting with the lions for approximately 1 ¼ hours.

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Walking with lions

Experience and support the lion encounter, an amazing encounter ...


Upon arrival, tea, coffee and cordials will be served – after which the guide will give a short introductory talk including safety aspects of the adventure. You will then be walked to an isolated area in the bush where you will be introduced to the lion cubs and their handlers.

On meeting the lion cubs, the Encounter begins. Each lion is under the charge of a handler – the guide carries a first aid kit and handheld radio.

During interaction, the guide will give an informative talk on the lions and their relationship with man.  Above all, guests will be advised about the long term plans for rehabilitating the lions back into the wild.  BY GOING ON THIS WALK, YOU ACTUALLY BECOME PART OF THIS PROGRAMME AND A DIRECT CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS THE RESEARCH AND CONSERVATION OF THE “KING OF THE BEASTS” WILL BE MADE FROM YOUR FEE.  Lions, (Panthera Leo) are listed in the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Appendix II and are regarded as ‘vulnerable’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and as such have been placed on their Red List [Version 3.1 2001].   

The Encounter ends with clients being walked back to the starting point and from there enjoying breakfast whilst watching a video of your personal "Lion Encounter". You'll then be transferred back to town. If you've done the afternoon walk, you'll enjoy savoury snacks and a beer or glass of wine during the video and before being tranferred back to town. Videos are available for purchase and will be delivered to your hotel that evening or the following morning (depending on which Safari is booked).

Any person under the age of 15, or shorter than 1.5m, will not be able to go on a lion walk.
The trips run on a minimum of 2 clients and a maximum of 10 at any one time.

Daily departures:

Morning walk is from 06h15, returning to Livingstone town by 10.00

Afternoon walk is from 15.00, returning to Livingstone town (or your hotel) by 18.45

What to bring and wear:



Insect repellant


Cap or head wear

Neutral coloured clothing

Trousers or jeans

Comfortable bush walking shoes

Lion encounter Trish

Price includes…
Return transfers from all accommodation in Livingstone town.
Morning walk ~ full English breakfast, tea and coffee.
Afternoon walk ~ snacks, soft drinks, beers & wine
Daily departures…
Morning walk is from 06.15, returning to Livingstone town by 10.00.
Afternoon walk is from 15.00, returning to Livingstone town by 18.45.

DVDs of your experience and merchandising are for sale so don't forget to bring some cash.

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