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Ethiopia Safaris - An Overview

Ethiopia Overview

A hauntingly beautiful and magical place

Our Ethiopia safaris access diverse landscapes from desert to rainforest and spectacular mountain ranges. Ethiopia is also culturally rich. The country is decorated with rock-hewn churches hidden in cliffs, an intriguing religious history dating back to the Lost Ark of the Covenant and an exciting mix of the new and old.

The Simien Mountains provide spectacular photo opportunities and the panoramic views of the rough terrain are awe-inspiring.

At Lalibela legend has it that an army of angels built the hand-carved, stone churches that lie amongst a maze of underground tunnels and homes.

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Map of Ethiopia
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Mobile Safaris

Mobile Safaris

The ultimate way to explore the fascinating African...
Off Beat Explorations

Off Beat Explorations

There are many well known areas in Africa and then there...
Special Interest Safaris

Special Interest Safaris

Photographers! You can't find a better group or way to...

Our Recommended Tours

Our Recommended Tours

The fascination of Ethiopia lies in its myriad historical sites, the obelisks of Axum, churches and Coptic monasteries in the Tigre, Lake Tana and Lalibela, the African Jerusalem.

Magical mystery tour to Axum, Lalibela, Gondar and Bahir Dar.

Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela, Axum - 7 nights/8 days

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Explore Ethiopia's southern region starting and ending in Addis Ababa and including the Omo Valley, Netch Sar National Park, Lake Chamo and the Mursi tribe.

Head back in time and come face to face with Africa's tribes

Omo Valley and the Rift Valley Lakes, Ethiopia - 10 days/9 nights

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Other Options

Other Options

Ethiopia Safari Spots

Ethiopia Overview | Addis Ababa | Bahir Dar | Bale NP | Lalibela | Omo Valley | Rift Valley Lakes | Simien Mountains

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