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Gabon Safaris - An Overview

Gabon Overview

Good wildlife, spectacular birding and new species being discovered all the time make Gabon an exciting, pioneering front. Loango National Park has beaches, whales and rainforests. Lopé National Park is good for plants, birds and primates alike. Príncipe or São Tomé offer some of the loneliest beaches on Earth. 

Update: May 2013: The current situation in Gabon (excluding Sao Tome and Principe), is not good for tourism. Many resorts have closed or offer an unacceptable standard of accommodation. The domestic airlines are totally unreliable.  See our Sea Turtle Research programme in Sao Tome and Principe or Congo Rainforest safari.

Where can I go?
Map of Gabon
What can I do?
Bush and Beach Safaris

Bush and Beach Safaris

Titivate your senses in the wilderness then add a dash...
Family Safaris

Family Safaris

Embrace the natural world - a complete treat for the...
Marine Conservation safaris

Marine Conservation safaris

Through a joint venture with the National Marine...
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Our Recommended Tours

Our Recommended Tours

A little known island, Sao Tome is in the middle of the world! Breath taking scenery, waterfalls, black and white sand beaches, rainforests with extensive cocoa plantations.

Drop everything and get some sunshine.

Sao Tome Island, Gabon - 8 days/7 nights.

Read more about Discover the Island of Sao Tome ENQUIRE NOW

Update May 2013: TRIP NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Explore Gabon including Lope National Park, Lekedi National Park, Loango National Park and the Wonga Wongue Reserve.

An adventurer's safari in Central Africa discovering Gabon 

Libreville and 4 Gabonese National Parks - 13 nights/14 days

Read more about Explore Gabon: Central Africa Adventure Safari ENQUIRE NOW

Join marine biologists from the Organisation for the Protection of Sea Turtles on Sao Tome and Principe for conservation work with turtles and whales from an Island Resort.

Witness Leather, Loggerhead and Green turtles nesting on island beaches

Principe Island, Gabon - 11 days/10 nights

Read more about Sea Turtle Research, Sao Tome and Principe ENQUIRE NOW

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Other Options

Other Options

Gabon Safari Spots

Gabon Overview | Ivindo NP | Lambarene NP | Libreville | Loango NP | Lope NP | Principe | Sao Tome

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