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Planning your safari

Africa for “first-time” and seasoned travellers

A bit muddled for choice? Whether you’re a first-timer or old hand in Africa this might help…

Africa’s safari destinations

a review of the best safari spots in both East, Southern and Central Africa – some mainstream “touristy” spots but more importantly those remote places where you’re in the company of some of Africa’s top guides, with loads of wildlife, dramatic scenery and ideally no crowds.

Our safari seasons

  • if your annual break is already set then that timing may influence your decision on a destination
  • if you’re flexible then choose the best time to match your interests

Types of safaris

debunking the “marketing-speak” with some simple explanations on what walking safaris, mobile trips, fly-in safaris, self-drive safaris, privately guided safaris, canoe safaris, migration safaris and so on are all about.

Safari costs

Does “special interest” sound expensive? How about “custom-made” safaris or “tailor-made” or even “bespoke safaris”? Well they shouldn’t be expensive! Let’s cut the hype – it’s not a mission to put together a honeymoon safari, a family trip with kids or a photographic safari for professionals – without the premium. Here’s and explanation on the differences between cheap, affordable/reasonable and outrageous.

Safari Planning

keep it simple and get the detail out of the way – flights, logistics, insurance, paperwork, medical issues and more….

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