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Whatever type of African safaris or experiences you’re seeking why not let our team of knowledgeable experts guide you?

We offer a variety of tame to very wild African options. Suitable for singles, groups, romantics, milestoners, first-timers, seasoned travellers and Africa specialists…

You’ll find a range of African safaris. From specialist photographic trips and relaxed honeymoons to extreme adventures and more traditional African explorations.

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Last fuel stop in Sesfontein before heading north into Kaokoveld

Self-Drive Safaris

If you're an intrepid type the easiest way to explore Africa independently and at your own pace is on a private self drive safari - best in South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania

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Mursi boy by Andy Richter courtesy Salem Alemayehu

Special Interest Safaris

You'll find extra rewards by ignoring mainstream options whether you're into birdwatching, rare species, looking for unusual African landscapes, culture or places to visit

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Kilimanjaro as seen from Amboseli in Kenya courtesy Debbie Addison

Trek Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is one of Africa's most popular bucket list items. No special climbing skills are required but it's not a trek to be taken lightly. We offer routes and guides with a 95% summit success rate

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Phil Berry leading a walking safari from Kuyenda in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Walking Safaris

Our walking safaris range from gentle trails, to full blown expeditionary hikes over days to walking with big game in our National Parks.

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