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A (lite) Backpacker's Guide to the Zambezi Valley

Sigrid's sunset

Ken's view

SafPar Matusadona

the falls - full tilt


Jane Walker

The Falls

Lake Kariba

Bull in the jesse

Bull elephant

Jeremy's wild dog

Ellie sunset

If you're a backpacker keen to experience the wildlife and adventure in the Zambezi Valley - get in touch with us for contacts, information and current advice.

For starters don't forget your copy of Lonely Planet by Deanna Swaney.  The current update is in progress - we'll attempt to fill in on some of the changes where we can - despite the fact that we don't agree with all of her opinions, Deanna's book is brilliant and really comprehensive, all that we can offer is the advantage of being on the ground in Kariba.
Kariba is "an unconsolidated two level jumble", it will be that forever - it also has a fair number of other downsides which we have to deal with on a day to day basis - we live here. This is Africa - it's actually great - believe us, there isn't a better place to live in and work from!

Kariba remains an isolated enclave - hard to get to, hard to move around in. It's also the launching point into the African sub continent's least spoiled and most exciting wildlife storehouse. It's not Cape Town's magic metropolis, it's not the splendid Victoria Falls/touro circuit - this is an undeveloped, secure, relatively unknown getaway.

Have a look at places like Mana Pools, or better, Matusadona, better still places only we know!

Canoe Safaris - far more exhilarating than any rush hour traffic you have or ever will experience - guaranteed.

Walking Safaris - if you want to really get into the bush - smell, touch, taste, hear, see, be in Africa - and get bitten by the magic.

If you're short on time and/or budget - have a taste of the "one day trips" - ask us - they always change.

If you need accommodation - look at Kushinga, Kaburi HQ or MOTH in Kariba - alternatively look at temporary bases in Kariba or the different options in Victoria Falls.

If you want to get into Kariba - take the Blue Arrow Luxury Coach from Harare (about US$20 - all in); from Vic Falls, a transfer plus the Ferry from Milibizi or fly directly from the Falls in an hour and save yourself some money.

If you're looking at hiring a vehicle - speak to Lionel Finaughty in Harare or let us put you in touch with EuropCar.

If you're looking for special deals - everybody has them all the time - don't hesitate to ask.

If you need the best deals flying into Zimbabwe - we'll put you in touch with the best we can find.

If you need info on other parts of the country - we'll direct you to the best at the time.

Right now look at the Eastern Highlands - speak to Sally Ehlinger. Ask her particularly about Vumba or Chimanimani.

Right now look at Bulawayo - speak to Edwina MacDonald.

If you need general travel advice, tips, Travelogues or links to other sites of interest - have a look at the Information Desk on Your can also take a look at our "Frequently asked Questions".

If you need general info as a Backpacker - speak to Mike Gregory and visit the most comprehensive Backpacker's site this side of the equator.

Just Backpacking Southern Africa


We recommend a minimal stay in Harare and Vic Falls. Get to the west (not Hwange) if you want wildlife, the east (nowhere else on earth) if you want to hike and relax, Vic Falls (not the Alps) if you want the buzz.

Come to Kariba and the Zambezi Valley for something really special.


Whatever you do - experience Zimbabwe - "God's own country".

Fambai Zvakanaka!

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