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Ian and Andrea in Tanzania

Dear Trish and Ang,

Wonderful trip! Nathan and Squack were superb and we had a magnificent time. Saw sights and scenes that far exceeded our greatest expectations and of course travelling with Rebecca and James guaranteed it was going to be a LOT of fun. They maybe your greatest ambassador’s!
We have over 500 pictures, some of which would make National Geographic envious and with many of quite extraordinary quality. This is not a compliment to the photographer, but the sights our “guides” made it possible for us to see and the great lens I was smart enough to purchase! Not sure which ones you would like to see, but James already has copies of all and is thinking about pulling a book of our trip together.

Hope you’re having a great Christmas. We finally escaped the airport chaos and are ensconced in our home in Cognac. Way below freezing, but warmly tucked up inside and dreaming about the Serengeti!
Ian (PKW01)