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Kenyan Safari by Kathryn D

Dear Fi,

Sorry for such a delay……..after jet lag complicated by final blows to the chest cold I’d picked up from two little girls of 4 and 5 (who I strongly suspected had TB….sounded like it at the time—but u can’t refuse holding hands with 2 little ones just cause of a lil TB?!!) at a local fishing village in Zim on day 12.

Anyway……I arrived home with a deep sense of serenity that I’ve never experienced before……directly as a result of my unforgettable stay at Rekero, especially. Jonathan and Do-Do were gracious hosts but the best was the 2 1/2 days spent with Pius (Masaai guide who pronounces his name ‘Puce”??) We were alone and spent long periods of time quietly observing: cheetah with SIX cubs, almost too many lions to count, and the best river crossings Pius said he’d ever seen ( suspect guides always say this ….but it was spectacular with practically no gory bits……really didn’t care about seeing this but glad the opportunity presented itself. the only Americans in camp left the morn.after I arrived so happpily left with folks from Yorkshire, NZ, and Australia.. bliss. AND Jackson arrived on final night and spent entire dinner monopolizing him for updates on the cats lives to date. Bit of a mess up here since Jackson was on vacation entire week and just arrived back to meet Jonathan Scott’s group the next day. Almost met Jonathan at Gov.Camp—he was with his group at Lil Gov—but didn’t. Did see him viewing some cheetahs at the same time we were out on the Mara. Ah,well.

And just today 4hrs. of BIG CAT DIARY (repeats I’ve seen at least 5X’s) were on and I could recognize almost all of the locations…….it was an eerie feeling and actually gave me renewed enthusiasm for the series. No doubt, I enjoyed Kenya best. The surprise for me was that Kenya was the way I expected Zim to be, and vice versa. Zim much hotter than expected, drier, very windy, sandy soil but animal viewing all or nothing. Guide chris estimated saw 1000 elephants one day, 1000 buffalo another day. In between bit scarce.
But enjoyed all 3 Zim camps…….the one at Mano pools the best.

Kenya: Sosian hosts, Annabelle and Stephen were wonderful……helped to nurse me a bit when my cold was at it’s worse. So glad I listened to you. Highlight there: rode a camel—only one to do the entire ride. and saw extensive hunt by wild dogs….highlight of my stay there.

Being chased out of the library so ………just to say was wonderful trip in Kenya……will definitely go again. Zim…not so much, but the people were a factor there.

Brilliant news re. Wills and Kate!! Have always followed every step of the monarchy…….where did they get engaged in Kenya???!!! in Oct!!!

Must run, my best regards and many, many thanks again,