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African adventures are a dime a dozen if you know where to look.

From walking with camels in Kenya and canoeing in Botswana, to trekking in the forests of Uganda and self-driving across the Serengeti plain. There’re exciting horse rides and fly-camping in the Kalahari Desert. How about a week on a traditional dhow off the Mozambique coast for your African Adventure?

Nothing is more delightful than the Selinda Canoe Trail on the Okavango Delta waterways. Paddle peacefully along waterlily decorated channels. These link the Delta to the Linyanti and Kwando water systems. Stop to stretch your legs on the banks and peek through the bulrushes at nesting birds. Oar around a bend in the channel, a camp fire appears gently smoking away into the clear skies; the evening stars just starting to twinkle. The smell of burning wood and popcorn at the ready next to the G and T’s. Not an electricity pole, TV or computer in sight!

Ever since it was revealed that Prince William proposed to his Kate in Kenya, wildlife experiences and African adventures have become even more popular.

Walking enthusiasts will probably jump at the opportunity of Walking wild in Kenya. This is a really fab 5 night trip exploring the valleys, people, wildlife and villages of the Lewa Wilderness area. Walking is at a leisurely pace through the countryside with back-up support on camels. There is unparalleled advice, tit bits, stories and guidance from the local guides accompanying the walks. At night camp is set up quickly and a full meal prepared around a communal table. There is even hot water for showers!

Rubbing sticks to create fire

Rubbing sticks to create fire

Our Quirimbas Island Hopping Dhow safari is a truly great way of spending time with the family or a group of friends. On this lazy sailing trip, we travel between one deserted island to another, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing and sunbathing en route. Meals are fresh caught each day and prepared by the camp cook. Camp is set up on the island beaches and your shower water heated over a camp fire. Since this is a little known part of Africa, there’re very few visitors and trading with villagers is as entertaining as kayaking through the mangrove forests.

For those brave enough there is a great self-drive adventure through Tanzania but be warned – good knowledge of 4×4 driving is necessary. Pre-planning is essential to avoid extra expenses on arrival. Be sure to pack your sense of adventure.

So get planning for your very own African Adventure!

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