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Call in the Congohounds!

News has reached us that a crack team of bloodhounds has been called in to help protect the critically endangered mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park in the DRC (Congo). Famous for their sense of smell, the hounds are part of a new project implemented to track and apprehend poachers.


An intrepid member of the Congohounds team

Project leader Dr Marlene Zähner, along with other internationally recognized experts in the field of man-trailing and crime scene investigation, are behind the training programme. The six man-trailing teams, each comprised of a bloodhound and a ranger, will require approximately two years of training.

It comes as no surprise to the Zambezi team that the rangers take longer than the dogs.

“Humans take much longer to learn it,” observes Marlene. “Handling a man-trailer [bloodhound] is a difficult task and it takes a long time to learn. Years to learn. The dogs are bred to do this so it’s easier for them.”


One for all and all for one: Congo bloodhounds

The Bloodhound Project in Virunga National Park is looking for financial support….please find out more from the official Congohound website.

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