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On safari with Jackson Looseyia

Janet and Chris McC have just returned to Devon’s South Hams from their Kenyan trip. It turns out that some of Jan’s leopard shots have become famous and now widely distributed via Jackson’s blog and Facebook pages!

They dropped some notes to Fi, but here’s one of those now-famous pics first…

Jan’s male leopard, photographed at Olchoro with Jackson Looseyia

Jan’s male leopard, photographed at Olchoro with Jackson Looseyia

“We all had an absolutely wonderful time on safari in Kenya. The travel arrangements were impeccable and everywhere we went we felt very confident that there would be someone to meet us.

Chui Lodge was a very good starting off place. We arrived in a thunderstorm with heavy rain but it just got better after that. Sunshine breakfast by the lake the next day with the gorgeous flamingos, good wildlife, helpful and cheery guide, James and we began to relax into the African pace. Highlights there were the flamingos on the lake, white rhino + baby and leopard. We felt that the 2 days there was about right.

The Safarilink flight across to the Mara was exciting as we went through a storm; I was allowed to sit up front with the pilot and I enjoyed that.

Then the real highlight – we were met by Jackson Looseyia. I never imagined we would be able to have him all to ourselves for 3 full days – he is very special and the most wonderful guide to the Mara. I had read about him before we went to Kenya. Jackson Looseyia portrait s[1]

The weather was mixed, two good hot sunny mornings but rain or overcast in the afternoons. The final day, it rained very hard and there were flash floods such that all the low lying areas were completely awash!

But every day the wildlife was stunning. We saw a zebra being born, lions (male, female and cubs every day, 3 different leopards, one with cubs and lots of all the other things elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, buffalo, hyena, gazelle etc.

There were two special moments one evening I went out with Jackson on my own as the others were all quite tired.

We went over the hill and there are the bottom was a leopard which Jackson had never seen. It was sitting out in the open and so we watched it for about one and a half hours. The second special moment was finding a group of 4 lionesses with 7 cubs and then watching them kill a wildebeest right close up.

Jackson was so knowledgeable and helpful. He really bridges the gap between a true cultural Masai and high tech with his Swarovski binos, Facebook and blog. He was so excited with my pictures of the leopard (he hadn’t bought his camera that evening) that one was immediately posted onto Facebook + blog. Mara House is very special and we felt very spoilt but not uncomfortably so.

The staff seemed to adapt to our pace and preferences with ease which made it a great place to stay. The website does not do it justice – it is much nicer in the flesh and so often it is the other way round.

So all in all we had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for all your guidance on what to do and where to go. We would certainly recommend you to anyone that was thinking of going to Kenya.

With all best wishes,


Visit Jackson’s blog or catch up with him on Facebook. If you’re looking for some advice on a Kenyan safari then drop Fi a note.