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Superb Classic Short Canoe Safari



Hi Mark,

Now that we’re back we wanted to thank you for your advice and help in arranging our trip, and also to say how much we enjoyed it.
The guys at Natureways were superb – they were all so thoughtful, helpful – and extremely knowledgeable – which made it easy to trust their judgement in the occasional dodgy situations that arose, the most of interesting of which was when a 5 metre crocodile actually tried to take out one of our guides’ canoes! It clamped it’s jaws around the back of Cloud’s canoe, in full view of us only 5 feet away, but it’s teeth couldn’t grip the smooth tapered back of the canoe, so there were just a set of teeth marks to record the event!

Cloud and Nyenge were a pleasure to be with, and Nyenge, despite a severely inflamed and swollen hand caused by a poisonous thorn on day 2, never complained once and insisted that we carry on for the full 8 days before seeking treatment – which eventually involved some serious lancing and draining.

It was an awesome trip and exactly what he had hoped and planned for.

At Chitake, we were blown away by the fact they had set up the entire camp for just 2 x of us! I’m sure you already know how amazing it is there, but we were spellbound by the beauty and the wildlife, and Elijah, Bono and Mark were as professional, helpful and knowledgeable as Cloud and Nyenge. The real trick that all these guys managed to achieve was to always be around – but without ever being intrusive - and nothing was ever too much trouble.

All the complicated cross-country transfers worked like clockwork, in a country where lots of things don’t always work, and despite many, many hours bouncing along rutted dirt roads the journeys always seeemed good fun.

I would unreservedly recommend anyone looking for canoe safaris to do what we did and use Zambezi Safari and Travel and Natureways guides.

Thank you again Mark.

With kind regards,

Paul & Debbie