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Plenty of memories and over 1000 pictures

Plenty of memories and over 1000 pictures on a Zambezi safari

Good Morning Liz,

Yes we are back home safely – looking out at a frost covered landscape and imagining Lake Kariba instead.

All went very smoothly with your arrangements. Jackie at Hornbill was fantastic and looked after us wonderfully, shame we did not have more time to be spoilt there! We were also fortunate to see a gate open on the dam too.

Spurwing was good – the warnings on Trip Advisor were unfounded. The mosquitoes and the heat were both intense there – but I believe they had a big storm the day after we left so timed that right.

Vic Falls Hotel was magnificent – as was the 6 course dinner. Bit hectic doing the Falls walk followed by the cruise – managed to arrange horse riding and canoeing for Katherine and I on the second day. Whilst quietly drifting and canoeing down the river a crocodile decided to try jumping into the canoe – swiftly knocked off by the guide with his paddle, the only damage being a spilt Gin and Tonic.

Will have to return at low water for my white water rafting trip – it might be safer than the canoeing.

The flight back to Harare was direct – there was one other passenger who flew to and from Vic Falls for the day – managing to do the walk and gorge swing during the stop over.

It was so good to have a chance to drop in and see you after all our emails. You have such a great view too!

Plenty of memories and over 1000 pictures to go through. If you would like any specific feedback let me know, you are free to use it.

We will, of course, recommend you to anyone considering a trip.

Hope to see you again soon


David, Katherine and Gill.

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