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Zambezi whitewater rafting options

The one-day rafting trip: Clearly the wildest one-day whitewater trip on the planet. We operate on both shorelines in Zambia and Zimbabwe. During high-water season (January to July) we run from rapids #11 to #25, during low-water season (August to January) you’ll experience the Zambezi at its finest from rapid #1 to #21. “Pitch and paddle next day” – no advance booking required.


If you thought the one-day option was a wild decision then here’s the serious stuff: multi-day Batoka Expeditions!

  • A day and a night: Covers the day trip with a pull-out at rapid #23 and an overnight at our campsite over the Zambezi. All inclusive, returns to Victoria Falls at around 10:00 on the second day. Available during low water only.
  • Two and a half days: Includes an overnight camp at rapid #23 with rafting on the second day down to the upper Moemba campsite, trip ends next day at Chibongo (the Batoka dam site). All inclusive and returns to Victoria Falls for lunch on the third day. Available during low water only.
  • Five day expedition: A full coverage of the Batoka Gorge from Victoria Falls down to Matetsi. Four nights are spent camping at rapid #23, upper “Moemba”, below Chibongo, and below “Asleep at the Wheel”. Rafting continues on the fifth day followed by a 3 hour transfer back to Victoria Falls on the Milibizi/Hwange road. Available during low water only.
  • Custom trips: all inclusive private expeditions for groups of between 4 and 20 guests on request.


The Zambezi Rapids

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