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Chewore, the rescued Rhino….a happy tale!


Chewore takes to upsetting the table at Maronga Camp, Matusadona

“Chewore” was rescued as a calf from an area called Tunsa Springs in the Chewore area of the lower Zambezi in the mid 1990?s. Her mother had been wounded by poachers. Both were translocated to Tashinga, Chewore by helicopter, mom in the back of a truck. One of the Musango guests fell in love with the youngster gave up her day job in Switzerland to take care and “mother” this rescued rhino.

Well she grew up big and strong! Also very tame. She became a local at Maronga Tented Camp where she’d regularly sleep in the kitchen tent and join guests for a sundowner.

Chewore was relocated to Sinamatella in Hwange and then went walkabout into Botswana. She’s known to have worked in cahoots with guides aware of her habit of joining sundown parties for a taster from the cooler box. There have to be some excellent accounts of her antics about.

The story ends happily. Chewore is now in the safe protection of the Khame Rhino Sanctuary near Gaberone, Botswana. Fully rehabilitated, has had two calves and “will run away when you approach her”.