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A little known island, Sao Tome is in the middle of the world! Breath-taking scenery, waterfalls, black and white sand beaches, rainforests along with extensive cocoa plantations are some of the charms of this west African destination.

The Portuguese colonised Sao Tome and Principe Islands in 1470 and carved massive sugar plantations out of the rainforests. Slaves were brought over from the mainland in vast numbers once it was realised this was a more lucrative industry than the sugar itself. As time passed and slavery was banned, coffee and cocoa became the main products.

Today this tropical island has a diverse combination of African cultures and Portuguese traditions. With over 700 species of flora including 100 orchids and many birds and turtles, many of which are endemic.

Over the next six months Chef Ljubomir Stanisic will be on the island, creating a fusion of exciting local products and contemporary cuisine.

Discover this unspoilt island spot for 7 nights for just £428.00 per person.

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