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Introducing African Angling Adventures on the Zambezi River

Zambezi River – one bite and you’ll be hooked!

There are bigger fish to fry in Africa this year than you think – tiger fish and bream to name just two.

Our local fishing guides live, eat and breath fishing on the river – above Victoria Falls, below, on Lake Kariba and right down the Lower Zambezi besides Mana Pools National Park. The most accessible of these areas is from Victoria Falls. Fish are caught year round but tiger fishing is particularly good in September/October.

Don’t try this if you’re a sissy about threading your own worms or taking your own fish off the hook. You will be offered tinned ham, bottles of beer, hot sun and a bit of colorful local language if you ‘lose’ the big one.

The tiger fish (hydrocynus vittatus) is prized as a game fish and is found in many of the lakes and rivers on the African continent. There is also the giant goliath tigerfish ( hydrocynus goliath), who can reach as much as 50kg (the same as me, I wish), or 110lbs if you want it non-metric. Its a bit confusing to understand, but the tigerfish is related to the dorados of South America. In habit however, they are most like the South American piranha, though it does not belong to the same zoological family. They do both have nashing, razor sharp teeth which can cause a fisherman some damage and is why they’re compared to one another.

You may not know it but there are over 75 species of fish found in the Zambezi River. I can’t tell you all their names but do promise one of the best freshwater angling experiences to be found. And if for one minute you’re not busy fishing, the area is scenic with good populations of big game including elephant, buffalo, hippo and kudu.

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Nembwe_Siansimba rapids_Zambezi River

Nembwe caught at Siansimba rapids, Zambezi River