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Catch us if can in Zambia where things are heating up

Zambia temperatures are rising, water is drying up and and things are getting sizzling hot on the game spotting front.

Luangwa River, an exciting haunt at the moment. It is the place to be for fantastic sightings from Spur-winged geese, to pride of lions using the river as a place to make a new mate, chill and keep an eye on playful cubs.

Lion cub_Zambiua_Courtesy Robin Pope Safaris

Playful lion cub

Carmine bee-eater colony makes for great twitching, whilst yellow-billed storks can be seen trying to cool down. The odd giraffe saunter around looking for a bit of shade and a shoot, whilst the opportunist Zambia crocodile quietly waits for his next victim.

Courtesy Robin Pope Safaris

Catch me if you can Mr Crocodile

If the Busanga plains are on your bucket list then remember to keep an eye out for the infamous ”Busanga male” – a magnificent and handsome specimen of a lion with a thick, dark mane. A commanding and regal King of the beasts.

Male lion on the Busanga Plains_Zambia

Male lion on the Busanga Plains

Kafue National Park could mean a chance for you to see an endless list of sightings from Wild dogs, to Pels fishing owl, leopard, honey badgers, puku, elephants, giraffe and much, much more.

Facilities at the new Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport terminal in Livingstone are expected to be in operation by November. The international terminal has been expanded, increasing the number of check-in and immigration counters. A viewing terrace and retail and duty free shops have been added plus features such as lifts, escalators, a banking hall, upper floor VIP and business lounges and an upper floor restaurant are expected to be operative by then.


If you are in Livingstone, a visit to the Falls is a must however bear in mind that it is that time of year again when water levels have dropped at the Falls and on the Zambian side, they are drying out rapidly. Until the rainy season arrives, we do recommend that you do a Tour of the Falls on the Zimbabwean side. However, this does mean that a you will need a double entry visa for Zambia and you will need to purchase a visa to enter Zimbabwe.

And finally……

Did You Know… a lion’s tongue is covered in rough, backward facing spines, called papillae? The tongue acts like rasp and is useful for scraping meat off bones and for cleaning up messy cubs!