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Parrotfish run on the Zambezi River

Parrotfish caught on the Zambezi

Parrotfish caught on the Zambezi

It’s a fishy affair on the Zambezi river every year between June and August. The star of this fascinating event is none other than the Parrotfish belonging to the elephant fish family – Mormyridae.

Just upstream from the Victoria Falls, where the river marks the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, marking the end of the long rains, millions of fish from the floodplains get pulled down stream by the main river current. Once in the smaller rapids they are easy catch for the fishermen who gather there every year with their hand woven fish baskets. Families set up camp to take advantage of this annual event.

The Parrotfish are bottom feeders and between the months of June to August they swim down stream in large numbers and generally tend to make an appearance on the darkest nights. As well as a good source of food they are a great source of cooking fat, and we know a fantastic spot in Zambia where you can witness this awesome event!