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Secret places in Africa – one in Victoria Falls


below rapid #25 on the Zambezi River you’ll enter a world with white Kalahari sand beaches between basalt black rocks and rubble of the Batoka Gorge, the river’s you only way in and out!

Victoria Falls was one of Africa’s well kept secret places until 1855 when Dr David Livingstone set eyes on the precipitous chasm that forms the largest curtain of falling waters on earth.

Pioneers, explorers, hunters, missionaries and surveyors were amongst the early foreign visitors that preceded today’s thronging tourist masses to the first of two World Heritage Sites on the mighty Zambezi River. Victoria Falls is a Natural Wonder of the World and is now Africa’s adventure capital.

So what’s so secret about Victoria Falls?

Vic Falls is a place where young and old, energetic and sedate visit en masse for safaris par excellence plus a plethora of thrills. Everything from walking with lions, elephant back safaris, birding excursions, walking trails on land; micro-light flips, skydiving and sightseeing from light aircraft to cruising, riverboarding, canoeing, kayaking and jetboating.

There’s more to the Zambezi River though. Everybody in the know recognises that the first 20-odd Zambezi rapids over the wildest one day whitewater rafting trip in the world during low season. The river will intimidate and tame you. It might even hurt you a bit on this one day excursion. At the end of it you’ll join a large community of people with well earned bragging rights – they rafted the Zambezi!

There’s a much smaller group of rafting aficionados from around the world who also recognise that the Zambezi ranks as the first or second on the planet for rafting expeditions!

The Zambezi’s secret can be found down the river!

After a full day’s worth of rafting, the hordes will leave the Batoka Gorge. It’s a steep, hot and energy sapping climb out. If you’re one of the lucky few (perhaps only one in a few hundred people per year) you’re going to enjoy cold drinks and be dazzled by millions of stars on that first night’s worth of camping within the deep silence of the Batoka Gorge. Tomorrow the real adventure begins! You will have left commercial mayhem behind.

We call it the Batoka rafting expedition. We hope that you’ll never find it on TripAdvisor!

To find out more out about this piece of Secret Africa then speak to us now!

The season runs from August to October. Find out more at VictoriaFalls.net – see “all the facts” and a full “map of the area”.


we hope you’ll never find this place on TripAdvisor

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