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Victoria Falls map, Zimbabwe and Zambia

You’ll need a Victoria Falls map to appreciate where the Zambezi River flows broadly and placidly to a one mile wide basalt lip before it plunges over a 100 metres into the Batoka gorge below. This is the world’s largest sheet of falling water. It’s visible from both sides of the river in Zimbabwe’s town of Victoria Falls and Livingstone on the Zambia shoreline.

View this interactive Victoria Falls map

The small towns on either side of the Zambezi at Vic Falls include a wide selection of hotels, lodges and camp sites for accommodation. Activities on the river range from extreme bungee jumps, whitewater rafting, canoe and river board trips to a range of land based safari activities from elephant back safaris to horseback safaris and walking trails in and around town.


Interactive Victoria Falls map showing location of both towns in Zimbabwe and Zambia (Livingstone Town)

Activity and accommodation map in Zimbabwe and Zambia

The Victoria Falls bridge spans the Zambezi River and serves as the common border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Don’t be confused by the fact that Victoria Falls is the small residential town in Zimbabwe very close to the actual waterfall and rainforest. Livingstone is the residential town approximately 15 km away from the actual Victoria Falls and it takes about 20 minutes to get from the border post into town. Access to all the action and accommodation providers on either side of the border are fairly easy and transport is simple to arrange.

This interactive Google map from www.VictoriaFalls.net has been marked up to show all the adventure and safari options plus the full list of places to stay.

Victoria Falls is Africa’s Adventure Capital: a buzz for adrenaline junkies in pursuit of

  • the “wildest one day whitewater rafting” trip on earth
  • the second highest commercial bungee jump on the planet (a full 8 seconds worth!)
  • Riverboarding, skydiving, micro-light flips, jetboating, elephant back safaris, canoe trails, kayaking, walking trails….
    …on either side, check out these websites for the full range of activities in Zimbabwe or Zambia.

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