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On Wednesday, 8th May 2013, the residents of Victoria Falls had to endure a day of no electricity thanks to the journey of the Zambezi Explorer, as it made it’s way to the Zambezi River. Trees and power lines had to be removed / lifted along it’s journey.

Zambezi Explorer


The new ‘Zambezi Explorer’.. takes 120 people, three decks the top one being for 30 people, and has internet and wifi (for conferences). This is the lower level, 7.2 metres wide. The roof is on the transporter to the left, and the middle level and supports are on another trailer.

It has taken 10 months to build, and took 10 days to transport it from Harare to Victoria Falls. It took about 6 hours to bring it through Victoria Falls to the river, a distance of approximately 8 km. It will take another 2 – 3 weeks to fit the middle level, top level and roof, and then will be quite an awesome looking vessel.

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More importantly if you’re looking for the Zambezi Explorer Safari then go to Zambezi Safari & Travel

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