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Elephants in Zimbabwe and the 5 o’clock traffic jam in Kariba

Elephants in Zimbabwe causing traffic chaos in Kariba

When walking or driving in Africa PLEASE remember – animals always have the right of way !!!!

The daily grind of travelling to and from work is often hampered by a traffic jam. That’s all you want at the end of a long day when all you want to really do is sit down, put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea!

Drivers in Kariba were found a surprise waiting around a corner – the hold up? Elephants!

A few slow moving elephants, un-phased by the commotion were ambling across the road allowing little traffic movement. A small herd of 5 elephants between the garage and the bus stop. A little quick thinking, hasty reversing and a warning to oncoming traffic soon brought every thing to a standstill.

There is no way that anyone is going to change the direction of the elephants, they know where they’re going and they’re determined to get there. Our advice in these situations – just to sit back, be patient WAIT!

On this occasion the majority of drivers were well behaved but there’s always one to put a spanner in the works – today it was a large yellow bus that decided to sprint forward, revving and blowing its horn! The elephants went crazy, the largest one reared up slightly then they started running towards the patient drivers still waiting to drive on to their destination.

Eight vehicles did a quick turn around and sped back the way they had come, the elephants ran down the road. The elephants ran as far as the bus stop and into the bush heading off to their elephant camp – on the shore of the lake between Mahombekombe and CarribeaBay.

There’s one clear message here… PLEASE don’t try to be clever and outwit the elephants, just step aside and let them pass quietly with little fuss, no injuries, no accidents and no elephant damaged vehicles!!!