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Jogging with elephants and a baboon at the house

– We just had to share this snippet of everyday life from our colleagues, Liz and Char in the Kariba office


“As a team Liz and I haven’t been doing anything exciting other than work!

Personally, not much on my side, other than dodging elephants on my early morning runs, saying a quick hello to the local zebra if they happen to be on the roadside, and avoiding any interaction with the baboon troops who number large and get a bit too close for comfort on our runs! Oh and waging a current war with a huge male baboon who has been harassing Liz at her house for ages but has discovered the peanuts on our squirrel table and the free snacks in our kitchen….

Oh and PS – my dog killing a huge cobra practically at the kitchen door two nights ago, and suffering the consequences, fortunately the snake must have spat out all its venom as it bit him on his lip during the goings on, so a very lucky dog indeed. The swelling down quite a bit today even though his lip is still drooping!! Char

As I was saying…very quiet life we live here…”

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