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Anja Denker Photographer & artist

anja denker namibian photographer

Namibia’s premier wildlife reserve, Etosha is the best-­known and favourite wildlife park. Etosha Pan is an area of approximately 4,800 km², 140 km in length and 50 km in width at places. A haven for 114 mammal and 340 species of bird.

A compassionate conservationist with a love for Namibia’s outdoors and wildlife.

Anja comments “I have always had a love of nature and wildlife and my passion for photography has pretty much taken over my life. I will never forget the utter disbelief and awe I felt early one morning at first light when I was greeted by the sight of a female leopard not just casually lounging “in” a tree, but sitting calmly on top of it, gazing out at the pan. It is an image I will always refer to as the “leopard roost”. I was privileged enough to spend the entire day with that leopardess – with no other cars in the vicinity”

Leopard-roost-landscape[1]-Anja Denker Namibian Photographer & Artist

This marked contrast entices the keen photographer to capture the spectacle of Etosha’s wildlife. With determination, focus, luck and plenty of patience you’ll be rewarded with once-in-a-lifetime sightings enabling you to produce amazing photographs that reflect the Etosha’s unique character. An extremely rare sighting of an elusive leopard strolling along the pan is one sighting that very few people will ever have the privilege to experience.

Black-rhino-silhouette-pano1[1] Anja Denker Namibian Photographer & Artist

“One of my most memorable sightings was a solitary black rhino meandering slowly across the vast expanse of the pan”

Anja’s fascination with the pan is so strong, she comments “I will return time and time again to try and capture the essence of this iconic place and to reflect the love I feel for its wildlife in my photography. No photo can ever be duplicated, no sighting is ever the same – no matter how many times you return to Etosha”.

The starkness of the pan creates the perfect backdrop for any animal, offsetting and isolating it beautifully. The climate of Etosha is very dry during the extreme heat of the summer months. The trees, stripped of their leaves offer no shade and the earth is parched but offers the photographer the perfect canvas – wildlife photography on or around the pan can produce some spectacular images – the evidence all to clear in Anja’s stunning photography.

If you fancy heading off to Etosha here’s some info and a couple of great safari options to consider… or if you’d like us to put together a tailor-made safari just drop us a quick email and we’ll be in touch very soon.


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Anja Denker has a love for Namibia’s wildlife and is a compassionate conservationist.