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Marlon du Toit

Marlon du Toit - Safari Photographer

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Posted by Sue Bowern on January 14, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Marlon du Toit’s love for Africa and the country’s wildlife crafted his passion for photography.

An adventurous person, Marlon spends most of his day on safari as a field guide, where better to catch a glimpse into the secret lives of some of the most amazing creatures! Marlon makes use of safari jeeps which the animals are accustomed to seeing around, to get closer to the animals… lions, leopards etc, “stepping into their personal space” . This “step” is instrumental into him catching the image he’s looking for.

Marlon’s love for photography and nature was driven by his father, he grew up with the growing desire to get as close to wildlife as he possibly could. Many of us have dreams when we are young but few of us are able to actually live out our childhood ambitions.  Marlon has been successful in turning his dreams into reality - he spent nine years working as a professional guide as a lodge-based ranger and (from time to time) as a travel photographer. His most recent posting was at the Singita Game Reserve where he has been full-time guiding for six years. Time well spent, he’s gained an intimate understanding of animals and their behaviour and his love of photography has thrived he comments ” I’m most at home behind a camera aimed at a lion or a leopard, my heart skips a beat at the mere thought of it all. I believe this has all stemmed from a deep and intense love for nature. My intention has never been solely for recognition but for the plight of what’s left of our natural recourses. Using my love and understanding of wildlife I am able to convey to the viewer more than an image or a fleeting moment.”

Well recognised, his photographs have appeared on the cover of Africa Geographic and Getaway magazines as well as within. He has appeared on television in the U.S.A  - twice on the  The Martha Stewart Show  during 2010 and 2012 as a representative of Singita and to feature his work. He’s also made an appearance on the NBC Today Show  in 2012 to showcase his photography.  Marlon’s a regular blogger for Africa Geographic and Singita.

Marlon says “Being a field guide allows you a glimpse into the secret lives of some of the most amazing creatures. I bring that moment alive, telling a beautiful story in the process”

Passion and enthusiasm to explore and introduce people to the wonders of African wildlife perfectly sums Marlon’s ambitions. He is passionate about life and living it to the full, sharing his experiences for all to see.

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