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Banded mongoose attack by martial eagle

Banded mongoose at Chobe National Park

News from Nsefu sector in the South Luangwa National Park…

Our friend George has the sighting of a lifetime!

George was just doing what he thought would be a normal days gardening with an audience of banded mongoose when there was a sudden whoosh and screeching… he turned just in time to see a banded mongoose attacked by a martial eagle. The eagle took off with the mongoose in its clutches, gripping the screaming animal between its talons it soared up in the air!

The eagle settled down a short distance away with the captured mongoose. The rest of the ‘band’ in close pursuit clattering and screaming were soon upon the eagle.

It’s unusual for the more vulnerable animal to come out on top in such a fight. But, thanks to the sheer number of mongoose the force became too much. The martial eagle gave up the fight dropping the mongoose and retiring to a nearby tree and was swiftly given his marching orders by half the mongoose band while the remainder tended to their stranded and slightly ‘shaken’ friend. Amazingly the victim, apart from the odd scratch seemed fine.. what an incredible sighting!

Martial Eagle Banded Mongoose attack


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…did you know the meerkat is a mongoose too?