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Safari photographer Morkel Erasmus has a passion for Africa,

his love of the people, landscape and wildlife is evident in his photography. He becomes totally immersed in his observation and photography of the landscape and its inhabitants and the results are simply stunning. To use Morkel’s words “To me, nature photography is all about being in the moment, and capturing that moment in a way that can relate to someone who didn’t have the privilege of being there with me.”

A native of South Africa, Morkel has always been a visitor of the wilderness areas with various trips to the Kruger National Park and Drakensberg mountains as a young boy. His parents were both teachers so they were able to regularly get away during the long school holidays. Morkel remained true in his passion for Africa’s natural heritage and started work as an engineer before picking up his first digital single-lens reflex camera when he says “everything just clicked into place” he says and he began travelling more extensively into the wilderness to focus his energies into capturing images of the landscape and wildlife.

Needless to say there have been one or two close shaves, inevitable in this line of work… During his first visit to Mana Pools in Zimbabwe he was with a group of photographers on a mission to capture images of a pack of wild dogs lazing in a dry riverbed. The group had crawled to within a safe shooting distance in order not to disturb the pack the alpha male dog spotted them and walked towards them with a continual stare, he was about 10 metres away, the group remained motionless, the male wild dog sniffed their scent and walked away!

Morkel’s word of advice for budding photographers… “Learn to immerse yourself in the experience without losing focus of your photographic goals…and above all, learn to see Africa anew… because there are none as blind as those who look but do not see!”

Through his photography Morkel hopes to raise awareness of the conservation of African wildlife. His aim is to “bring viewers into the frame, leaving them with an impression of the beauty and drama of African wildlife.”

Morkel has been a staunch supporter of and contributor to the Save Mana Pools campaign.


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A fabulous selection of images which perfectly capture African wildlife and landscapes. Courtesy of Morkel Erasmus…

Posted by Zambezi on Tuesday, 3 February 2015

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