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Nikki Tanzer in Zambia

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Zambezi client Nikki Tanzer visited the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia

here’s her safari review…

“I wanted to stay in Zambia… I did and I loved it!

It was the best vacation in Africa so far! It was magical.

Thanks to Liz for all her help and patience working with me for about a year to make it perfect.

However, I did change things a bit when we arrived a few days into the trip. Once we better understood the region I changed nights from Luangwa River Camp and Nsefu. Only because of the area Nsefu not due to the lodge itself. We wanted to see more of the Nsefu region.

As quaint as Nsefu lodge is and its great location in the reserve, we loved Luangwa River Camp. Their manager, Polly is amazing! The bush camp mobile walking with our guide George was magical – George made the trip! He is amazing! He followed us through the Nsefu part of the trip too so we continued with him once we returned to Nsefu. It was great.

Flat dogs was amazing! The owners are great and personable and could not do enough for us. The tent and views were perfect. The guide and project Luangwa community manager Harold was great. He took us for a tour of the village. We also spent a 12 hour day in the bush one day – private. We had a lot of attention from Flat Dogs and Robin Pope. Nkwali lodge was very nice as well.

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Our favourite spots…

Flat dogs, the bush mobile camping and Luangwa River Camp. Graham and I really enjoyed the remoteness of the camps especially the bush walking mobile in the northern part of South Luangwa.”

Nikki’s itinerary to the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia included Flatdogs Camp, a walking mobile safari and the Luangwa River Camp.

If you’d like to follow in Nikki Tanzer’s footsteps just contact us and we’ll be in touch very soon .

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Courtesy Nikki Tanzer

Posted by Zambezi on Tuesday, 25 August 2015


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