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A number of you have expressed concerns… so to clarify…

Victoria Falls hasn’t dried up!

The water levels at the Falls are at their lowest during October/November/early December – every year. The Zambian side does come close to drying up and in some places there’s just a small amount of water flowing over, the Zimbabwean side always has more flow than Zambia in the dry season. This is normal during October/November and sometimes into mid December.

We’re just approaching the rainy season so this is not in any way unusual.

The African Travel and Tourism Association Chairman Ross Kennedy says “media speculation that Victoria Falls may be drying up is entirely false.”

He goes on to say that “according to local river experts, there would always be water in Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side between the Livingstone statue and Livingstone Island.”

“Victoria Falls will never become Victoria Walls” said Ross.

Ross adds “due to exceptionally low rainfall in the catchment area during the last rainy season, the water level is at its lowest since 1996 and levels will continue to drop as usual until the rains start in the catchment area upstream.


Flow of water over Victoria Falls in October.


Compared to the volume in March.


Zambezi’s Chris Worden confirms that “…downstream Kariba has not reached its lowest level. Its still a good 2 metres above the lowest which I think was in the early 90’s. Upstream, the Zambezi still has plenty water and all activities, excursions and trips are continuing as normal especially white water rafting!”

Chris says “I present Livingstone talks on the boats and all cruises are running as normal. Even the Zambezi Explorer which is a huge boat!!” Rain is expected Saturday night or Sunday in the catchment areas and the river should begin to rise again.

The low water levels are not out of the ordinary despite the shortage of rains in the region. The rainy season usually starts during mid-November, this year the river seems to be tracking the same levels as in 1998.

Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and nothing is going the change that!


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