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When is the best time to visit Zambia?

The dry season in Zambia is from May to the end of October …

almost no rainfall during the winter months and humidity is low. This is when the wildlife congregate around the waterholes. Zambia’s dry season is divided in to the cool months of May to August and the hot dry months of September and October. During June, July and August the average morning temperature is 10 degrees centigrade with afternoon temperatures rising to around 23 degrees C. The temperatures in the South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and other parks at lower altitude will be hotter. The heart builds-up during September and October with temperatures reaching between 28-35 degrees C.

The wet season in Zambia is from November to April…

many areas become inaccessible and most of the camps in Kafue, Lower Zambezi are closed. The Mfuwe area of South Luangwa is accessible year-round. November is an unpredictable month with temperatures between 18 degrees C in the morning rising to 29 degrees C in the afternoons. Zambia’s wettest months December, January, February and March, characterised by afternoon downpours of torrential rain. High humidity and temperatures around 26 degrees C.

The weather in Zambia is considered vulnerable to climate change. This could lead to variable rainfall intensity with heavy storms causing floods and consequent damage to crops and property.

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