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Zambezi digimag – March 2016

Spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere…

…Africa’s 2016 safari season starts in earnest within the next few months!

It’s the weekend so why not put your feet up, grab a coffee and check out our Zambezi digimag for March 2016

What’s inside…Zambezi digimag – March 2016

  • Message from Trish Berry with some news snippets from the Zambezi team
  • Fancy conquering Mount Kilimanjaro? David Bristow reveals all you need to know about planning an epic climb
  • Gavin Haines is Aping around in Rwanda and Uganda
  • Paddle the Zambezi – Carrie Hampton is dodging hippos on this famous river
  • Andrew St Pierre White gets behind the wheel in Namibia and Botswana as we go cross-country by car

Pick up on back-issues

  • November 2015: big cats of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park; Robyn and David Foot and their horseback safaris in Botswana’s Kalahari; desert-adapted wildlife in Namibia and the best experiences in Kanya’s Laikipia
  • September 2015 Equinox: surf spots around Africa; an insider’s guide to Victoria Falls; with more on Rwanda, Gonerezhou and Malawi
  • June 2015 Solstice: privately guided Botswana; Tanzania’s Tinga Tinga culture; the Okavango’s ebb and flow: Saadani, Kafue and Matobo Hills
  • Northern Autumn 2014: “honest African dirt between your toes”; Nyungwe Forest Rwanda; Philip Briggs in Ethiopia; “50 reasons to visit Zambia”
  • Northern Summer 2014:Desert talk in Namibia, Botswana and Kenya; Botswana travel guide; “the world’s most fearless animal”; the Caprivi; Eastern Highlands

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