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The Safari Brothers

Africa’s a playground for every lively spirit, including the Safari Brothers. No hi-viz jackets here.

If jousting with crocodiles atop crashing tables isn’t your cup of tea then perhaps cutting slithers off a lemon with a Samurai Sword for the tequila are more to your liking?

Either way these are the sorts of things you’re likely to experience in the good company of Grant and Brent Reed.

This is a playful duo but they do pay attention and they’ve also learned some respect.

They enticed snakes as boys and now catch far more than their fare share of fish as men - fly, spinner, rarely bait. Talk birds or bugs. Or talk elephant or major predator. Grant and Brent will have a story to tell. They earn dinners with true tales of near death experiences. Between the laughter they’ll still follow through with full and balanced debates on ecology and conservation too. They’re still all ears as well. On top of it all they’re naturalists, they learn, they teach…and continue learning.

Good business boys as well. Letaka Safaris is recognised as one of Botswana’s leading safari companies, their speciality is mobile safaris across the country. Their contribution has gone further through their close association with Okavango Guiding School. Through this initiative Grant and Brent are largely responsible for the growing pool of first class Professional Guides who’ve done their training at the school.

The Safari Brothers feature in Brian Jackman’s take on the 50 best safari holidays in the UK’s Telegraph.

Okavango Guiding School by Letaka Safaris

Letaka Safaris with some guides from Okavango Guiding School - celebrating, again!

Grant Reed


Grant Reed is a founding director of Letaka Safaris and the Okavango Guiding School.

His passion for snakes, birds and all things African is a family trait. It was handed down from his father Mike and paternal grandfather.

On Grant’s eighteenth birthday he was bitten by a puff-adder. He consequently spent six months getting to know the local medical fraternity more than he’d ever hoped for. The experience added to his passion for snakes and today Grant lectures regularly on snakes and snakebite.

As a keen naturalist Grant is interested in dragonflies, birds, butterflies and wildflowers. Grant has two post-graduate degrees in Nature Conservation and holds the FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) Level III certificate plus numerous specialist qualifications.

Many regard Grant as one of Botswana’s top guides. Today he devotes a large portion of his time to training and development of guides in Botswana with the Okavango Guiding School.

He lives with his wife Trudi and his sons Merrick and Ross, on the banks of the Thamalakane River near Maun.

Brent Reed


Like Grant, Brent too grew up with a love of nature and all things African.

He too had a  passion for snakes but his focus shifted towards birds after he suffered a near-fatal Black Mamba bite in 2004.

Brent kicked off his career in the IT sector but his passion for nature was too strong. He  soon moved into the less lucrative but more rewarding career as a professional guide.

Brent has been a full time guide for 16 years. He is also a founding director of Letaka Safaris.  Brent is permanently based in Botswana’s Okavango Delta but has led trips to his native South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar.

Also is a director of Okavango Guiding School, the first privately operated guide training school in Botswana.  The school trains the local guides to benefit from the eco-tourism industry in Botswana.

Today, Brent lives with his wife Ashleigh and his two sons Jarryd and Troy on the banks of the Thamalakane River near Maun.

More on Letaka Safaris

The Letaka Safaris team, including Mike Reed (Dad) and the two “Safari Brothers”  have actively guided over the last two decades in Botswana. This outfit is one of the best Botswana safari companies around today.

In addition to running safaris they’ve been instrumental in elevating guide standards through Okavango Guiding School.

As a result Letaka Safaris have pick of the crop and therefore employ some of Botswana’s best mobile guides. Here’s a sample of one of the Letaka Safaris trips - available on set dates for small groups through the year or available on request at any time for private departures.

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