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On the eve of Thanksgiving 2017 a miracle happened in Zimbabwe.

  • In form of a coup that wasn’t a coup.
  • Then a resignation in the midst of impeachment proceedings.
  • Robert Mugabe resigned on 21 November 2017.

It made Zimbabwe the happiest country in the world! (Thanksgiving just took on a new meaning too.)

Here’s how it happened - 7 Days in Zimbabwe

In the early hours of Wednesday 15 November 2017, the Zimbabwean military launched a “non-coup”.  They took over Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation; arrested members of Grace Mugabe’s G40 gang; also placed Robert Mugabe under house arrest. The military then announced that it would restore order, arrest criminals, and guarantee the safety of the President.

On the Thursday 16 November, after a massive social media build-up, Mugabe refused to resign as president. First calls for a public demonstration against Mugabe were made. (Mainly to demonstrate to South Africa and the African Union that they should leave things up to Zimbabwe.)

Friday 17 November. Mugabe appeared at a graduation ceremony. ZANU-PF regional branches passed resolutions calling for Mugabe to resign.

Saturday 18 November 2017. Zimbabweans took to the streets across the country in a #solidaritymarch in support of the “coolest coup”. No violence, arson, looting or crime on the streets.

On Sunday 19 November Mugabe was negotiating his resignation with the military. ZANU-PF met and recalled Mugabe as president. They kicked his supporters out of the party then issued a deadline of noon on Monday for his resignation. Arrangements were made for Mugabe to address the nation on Sunday evening. Everybody expected a resignation. (He appeared to read the wrong speech. Or simply skipped the resignation bit.)

On Monday the ruling party began drafting impeachment papers. The military called for patience and Mugabe summoned cabinet for meeting at State House on the Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday 21 November, ZANU-PF called all MPs to HQ to plan the impeachment process and threatened to expel members if they answered Mugabe’s call to cabinet. Impeachment proceedings began in Parliament late in the afternoon. In mid session the house was interrupted and Mugabe’s resignation was read out.

Parliament erupted, jubilant crowds filled the streets and Zimbabweans celebrated!

It’s the #freshstart that so many have waited for. The future’s an opportunity but who knows what’s to really come of things.

For now, just enjoy. We’ve always held hope for tomorrow!