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Safari plans of choice

Every season brings changes across our safari destinations in East, Central and southern Africa. New camps, new guides and fresh takes on old favourites.

So whether you’re a first timer to an area or very seasoned there’s an easy way to cut through the clutter. So here’s the Zambezi safari primer with a recap on geography and the travel seasons.

The bird counts in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana are 694, 779 and 593 respectively.

The bird counts in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana are 694, 779 and 593 respectively.

  • We explain why we rate some lesser known spots much higher than popular safari spots.
  • Also why you’ll find better times to travel on safari than the regular high season.
  • To cap it all, also a simple message to go beyond the obvious wherever you go on safari.

map of Africa showing destinations serviced by the Zambezi team

Best birding safaris

There’s no secret here. Go on safari during the “green season”. That’s during our warm and usually wet summer months. From November through Christmas and into the early part of the year up until April.

It’s a good idea to get advice on the differences between East and southern Africa though.

  • Because for example you’ll find some real highlights in Tanzania’s Serengeti in February, just when you’re going to have least access into some of the better places in Zambia’s Luangwa.
  • Parts of the Luangwa of course are favoured by aficionado birders, because there are some well kept secrets there, in November, just before the big rains come.
  • Simple access to diverse habitats in Victoria Falls could give you up to 100 ticks in a day between November and April but there’s even more awaiting serious birders. The bird counts in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana are 694, 779 and 593 respectively.

safari plans

Secret seasons on safari

Every man and his dog in the northern hemisphere seems to want to go on holiday during summer. That’s winter in the south. So July, August and September are good times to set safari plans.

  • But the best times to go on safari are October and November - anywhere!
  • Also May and June in southern Africa.
  • Alternatively January and February in East Africa.

Why the secret seasons? Because you’re going to find the best game conditions, few tourists and the best rates.

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Wherever, whenever, whatever - don’t fly with the flock!

Just a little bit of extra planning and some forethought can save you money. Also result in a better safari experience, away from the herds.

  • Mainstream routes and options are there to save time and money.
  • They get you within striking distance of the better remoter safari spots.
  • Where game conditions are best, crowds are thin and only the best guides are found.

This is where the Zambezi team can really help. With unrivalled customer service and honest unbeatable pricing from a well established team of “can-do” safari professionals.

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