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Why Visit Zakouma? (…by Amanda DeSimone)

So, why should you visit Zakouma?

In short, it is just amazing!  It’s remote, exotic and wild!  In fact it’s my new favourite safari spot!

Firstly though, there are loads of very good reasons you shouldn’t visit Zakouma!

Don’t visit Zakouma if you want…

  • Luxuries – Zakouma National Park is in Chad (one of the world’s poorest countries). The camp is simple but friendly and welcoming - full of wildlife day and night).  This is a 5 star safari experience, with 2 star amenities.
  • A budget safari. The remote destination means travel to/from increases the cost.
  • A safer destination.  The fact is most governments advise against all but essential travel. Primarily due to problems in Chad’s neighbouring countries.
  • That ‘polished’ safari experience with sundowners, nibbles, and smooth roads. Those may or may not happen!
  • First time safari.  While the adventurous will love Zakouma, we feel part of its uniqueness is that it’s so totally different from other African parks. Those who’ve been on safari before will appreciate the lack of other visitors in Zakouma.
  • Cool weather. Chad is hot year round, even more so in peak dry season in April.

visit Zakouma elephants

However DO visit Zakouma … especially if you’re…

  • Adventurous and open-minded.  You’ve been on safari before or had similar adventures.
  • Fed up of the crowds in some of the African parks, and looking for somewhere quieter.
  • Looking for somewhere quirky and different - you’ve already done the traditional ‘mainstream’ safaris.
  • An elephant lover!
  • A keen birder.
  • Wanting to tick off new species, countries and experiences.
  • Interested in wildlife conservation.
  • Interested in African Parks projects in Africa.  Learn about the history of Zakouma NP, and how it has solved poaching issues.  Visit the anti-poaching HQ, as well as  local community school projects to understand how it all fits together.
  • Fervent about anti poaching. You want to help the local elephants, and the communities who live alongside them.
  • Wanting to go before the park is firmly on the safari circuit.  Go now while it is still quiet and unknown!

A visit to Zakouma is still raw and untamed

  • There are no boundaries.  Animals are inside the camp living alongside you: buffalo, elephant, antelope, lions.
  • Go back in time.  In my opinion, a Zakouma Safari is like it was years ago.  There are hardly any visitors, and amenities are simple.
  • It is remote. It is a 15 hours drive from the capital, N’Djamena or a 2 hour charter.  You feel (and are) far from anywhere!
  • Animals in Zakouma are sleek, fit and healthy looking due to the boundless food around the remaining pans, even in dry season.
  • The landscape is varied and different - savannah grassland and riverine forests.  And, the highlight for me - vast pans with so much going on that you can hardly take it all in.
  • The sheer depth of wildlife at these pans is astounding.

So, if you’re adventurous and looking for a new and different safari destination, let’s talk Zakouma now!

More information on when and how to visit Zakouma