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Yoast testbed 2

The mist-covered hills of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest are home to one of the planet’s most biologically diverse rainforests. Since many species that took refuge here during glaciations of the Pleistoce...

Planning an African safari around coronavirus

Scenarios that we're considering....

British Bird Fair Egret Murchison Falls NP
Best 2019 safari plans

...with a recap on special places, secret, "green" and high season safari plans in 2019

view of the moon rising, taken from the Batoka Bridge, between Zimbabwe and Zambia with the spray rising from the Victoria Falls
Take a Zimbabwe Safari - now is the time

One thing that's changed with absolute certainty in Zimbabwe - Bob's gone!

Zimbabwe happiest country
Zimbabwe, happiest country on earth

...a miracle happened on the eve of Thanksgiving!

we track gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda
Places to track gorillas

Go beyond Rwanda and Uganda to track gorillas - easy treks and more in some of Africa's most unspoiled places...

Full rainbow over Victoria Falls courtesy Tami Walker and Ross Kennedy-African Rains
Victoria Falls, hottest safari ticket in town

Regarded as Africa’s adventure capital for decades, it's clearly the hottest safari ticket in southern Africa right now...

Our Google+ has moved!

Come and join us at the new Google+....

Best safari holidays
The 50 best safari holidays

Brian Jackman listed his 50 best safari holidays in the UK's Telegraph - here's our take on the best of the best...

African rains in November - video
African rains

Rendition of an African rainstorm as it develops to a thundering crescendo. Essential viewing.

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