Digimag – March 2016

Spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere…

Desert Lions_XPL87, photographed by Ingrid Mandt
Digimag November 2015

Africa's summer rains have started as northern hemisphere guests head into winter & the festive season. Share the latest Zambezi digimag

Courtesy Tami Walker Victoria Falls
Equinox digimag 2015

Zambezi's September 2015 equinox edition with 24 pages of rich content and updates are easy to download and read at your leisure or to share

Zambezi Solstice digimag

Friends in the north might not have time to read this digimag during long and lazy summer days but it'd be worth saving for a rainy day.

Travel Africa Magazine digimag – northern Autumn 2014

Our 2014 Northern Autumn digimag in association with Travel Africa Magazine includes 32 pages of rich content and updates from Africa. Easy to download, read at your leisure and share

Special issue from Travel Africa magazine

We’re delighted to bring you the first complimentary edition of our e-magazine in association with Travel Africa magazine. You’ll find 33 pages of rich content and updates from Africa –

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