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How to wear a Kikoi

Examples on how to wear a kikoi

Mfuwe elephant The mango eating elephants of Mfuwe Lodge
Mango eating elephants

The elephants of Mfuwe Lodge in the Luangwa can be seen every year from late October and mid December when they visit Mfuwe to feast on wild mango fruits

Friday humour courtesy Kevin Oosthyyzen
Friday Humour

So... it's the weekend, but what really makes you smile? Well we've come up with a couple of photos to bring a little Friday humour into the proceedings.

Lake Chada in the dry season
Collective nouns on safari

Dame Juliana Berners paired groups of animals by what they sounded like. These nouns have stuck, we still refer to a school of fish, a pride of lions etc.

big cheque
Really big cheques

One quadrillion, seventy-two trillion, four hundred and eighteen billion and three million dollars only drawn on a bank in Zimbabwe. The biggest cheque ever!

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