Rob Barber safari guide
Rob Barber Safari Guide

Rob Barber Safari Guide was born in Tanzania. Family camping trips in the Ruaha National Park attributed his love of the wilderness and African wildlife

Zambezi Solstice digimag

Friends in the north might not have time to read this digimag during long and lazy summer days but it'd be worth saving for a rainy day.

Up up and away above the Kafue

Its pitch dark, not even the birds are awake as I move around my spacious safari tent. I find a warm jacket, my sunglasses and camera and stumble sleepily across

black rhino little ongava
Desert Rhino

Rapid decline, near extinction, black rhino strives for survival. Desert rhinos rehabilitated in Namibia's Kuene region many desert rhino are lone rangers

Victoria Falls courtesy Chris Worden
Spotlight on Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is easy and cost-effective to visit. So whether you're looking for a simple break or a complete safari Vic Falls is a good starting point!

Spotlights on and beyond Victoria Falls

Sure Victoria Falls is Africa’s adventure capital. Also primary safari hub into some of southern Africa’s most productive wildlife spots. Easy from South Africa and relatively simple to combine with

Uganda – it’s not just about gorillas!-Mubare mountain gorillas in Uganda
Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are 1 of 2 Eastern gorilla sub species. A small population of less than 900 individuals are dispersed in 3 African countries

Noel Smith wildlife artist photographer
Noel Smith

Artist photographer Noel Smith ventures into the wild as often as possible. A regular visitor to Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe looking for wildlife

Nick Mackman
Nick Mackman

Nick Mackman 2015 Wildlife Artist of the Year. Award winning sculptor of ceramic and bronze animals and contributor to the Wildlife Artist of the Year

It’s safari time

…but no need to charge at it like a baby elephant….   Find out how to plan an African safari – for first-timers and seasoned African travellers alike Find out

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