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Yoast testbed 2

The mist-covered hills of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest are home to one of the planet’s most biologically diverse rainforests. Since many species that took refuge here during glaciations of the Pleistoce...

Botswana safari companies lion
How to prepare for a photo safari

Whether it’s your first wildlife photo safari or you’re a seasoned safari goer, don’t rely on luck to get the best photos.

Africas top spots
Africa’s top spots - by Mark Pearson

Africa Specialist Mark Pearson talks about his travels in search of Africa's top spots

Liuwa - Courtesy African Parks
African Parks

African Parks works with local communities and governments to manage Africa's protected wildernesses.

Five Musketeers - Desert Lions
Five Musketeers

Namibia’s desert lions evolved to survive some of the harshest conditions

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