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The Boma - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The Boma - "place of eating"

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Adding to the ethnic feel of the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and Lokuthula Lodges - partially open to the African skies is the award winning Boma Restaurant.

Set amidst the indigenous Gusu forest, The Boma - Place of Eating, is not just another ethnic restaurant, but a cultural experience that bombards the senses with the tastes, sights, sounds and smells of Africa and its people.

The decor places an emphasis on traditional Ndebele colours and style, while subtle lighting enhances natural trees, rocks and grasses.

Diners are invited to sample such local dishes as deep fried kapenta or mopane worm in peanut butter. For the less adventurous, a selection of beef, pork and chicken meat is also available.

The menu includes vegetarian dishes, salads, fish, a variety of game meats and traditional stews. Customs such as local beer tasting and pre-dinner handwashing are also observed.

The sights and sounds of the evening are accentuated by the energy of the traditional Ndebele dancers who perform nightly around the Boma fire.

Steeped in mystery, a witchdoctor adds a touch of drama by predicting the future. After dinner guests are invited to wile away the evening with the restaurant's very own sangoma - a traditional story teller - to learn more about the country's folk-lore, culture and heritage.

Dinner is served daily from 19:00 to 22:00 - book in advance and get there on time!

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