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Introduction to Charters on Lake Kariba

A private charter on Lake Kariba has to be one of the best ways to isolate yourself from the world around you. The endless horizons, sun drenched days, star-struck nights, gentle lapping of water amidst hippo grunts and the call of fish eagles from their vantage points are only some of the special appeals on the Lake. Like it or not you will be forced into relax-mode.

Houseboats and Cruisers are best suited to a private party of friends and family. A charter cannot be compared with staying in a camp or hotel - the vessel is yours and the crew is at your service 24 hours a day. Unlike other cruises in the world, Kariba has a bounty of game on its Matusadona shoreline and the weather is predictable and draws you outdoors into fresh warm air full of African smells and sounds.

As the selection of houseboats and cruisers on the lake is large we recommend that you review our guidelines for planning a cruise. If you have a small party of up to 4 guests then you should seriously consider a Sail Safari - it's novel and it's cost effective. Alternatively consider flotilla sailing with your large group split between the Catamarans!

From bitter experience we have learnt to utilise vessels which are either run by Kariba based owners or by full time managers in the harbours. In all cases these vessels have proven to be mechanically reliable, have back up staff and equipment in town and have trustworthy and experienced crews with long service records.


Our company only arranges houseboat trips if a Professional Guide is the host on board. If you are interested in such an exclusive arrangement then please e-mail your request to Trish.

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