Chipembere Safaris

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Chipembere Safaris is a small family-owned safari operation based in Kariba, Zimbabwe. Steve and Naldi Pope run Chipembere Safaris. Steve started canoe safaris on the lower Zambezi River in 1981 and has been offering his walking and hiking trails in the Zambezi Valley since 1987.

Chipembere runs its canoe safari from Chirundu to Mana Pools every Sunday for four days. The walking and hiking trails are predominantly run in the Chitake Wilderness Concession in the Zambezi Valley. Very few safari operators are able to provide the genuine "back to the bush" experience which Steve and Naldi and their team of guides and staff do all year round.

Have a look at Canoe Safaris on the lower Zambezi River.

Find out about Chitake and the legend of Chimombe, the "Iron God".

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The Zambezi Safari and Travel Co.

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