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The "African Walking Safari" - a term that conjures up romance and adventure often associated with the exploits of Africa's early white-hunters like Selous or the tales of Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway on their safaris through some of Africa's early colonies.

We focus on Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana in Southern Africa for our walking safaris.  We prefer to support a selection of small, owner run and managed safari operations.

Our Zimbabwean based company was founded on walking safaris - we're admittedly very biased towards promoting this traditional safari style.

The modern-day "walking safari" is a loose term used to describe a variety of safari activities including
  • Full blown wilderness trails, on the one extreme accompanied only by a guide and carrying your backpack with all gear and provisions to the other extreme of a grand portered trail with guides, scouts, porters and cooks
  • Backed up walking trails which include support staff who do advance set ups on a "rolling camp" basis. These camps range in style from simple fly camps to comprehensive tented bases.
  • Traditional tented camps and bush camps act as a seasonal or semi-permanent base from which walking trails are conducted. These camps have vehicles or boats (depending upon location) to extend the range of the safaris.
  • Lodge based walking safaris are precisely that - walking trails from permanent lodges with support staff, vehicles and a wide variety of comforts and optional facilities and activities. Unless located on private land or concessions, lodges are generally found outside of the National Park areas.

The fact is that by whatever name you choose�there's simply no better safari experience

  • You get "real and close" in the very best of Southern Africa's wilderness areas
  • You're accompanied by Professional Guides to provide safe exposure to the African bush and its wildlife

Planning a walking safari is simple...

  • Step 1: Select the type of walking safari that best suits your personal interests, temperament and needs for comfort
  • Step 2: choose from a few specific locations in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana that offer your type of walking safari
  • Step 3: Select from specific camps based on the quality of guiding, facilities, price and availability 


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