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Musango Safari Camp and Maronga Tented Camp, Matusadona - Zimbabwe



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Musango comprises a private concession on the western side of the Ume River and a second concession on the Maronga and Ume confluence within Matusadona National Park. Musango Safari Camp and Maronga Tented Camp form part of our Classic Zambezi Safaris, providing access to Matusadona National Park.

Musango is one of the three Zimbabwean members of the prestigious Classic Safari Camps of Africa portfolio. This is an association of independent, privately owned camps and lodges in East and Southern Africa. "Each of these unique establishments offers genuine hospitality and an intimate knowledge of Africa's natural environment, and is dedicated to conservation and the involvement of local communities - sharing and conserving the Spirit of Africa."

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Musango Safari Camp

Musango Safari Camp is situated on its own island, just off the shoreline of the Matusadona National Park. Offering an abundance of wildlife from buffalo and elephant to the rare black rhino, Musango Safari Camp is also an ornithologist's paradise with a myriad of birds to be seen frequenting the bird baths in front of the lodge and rooms. We offer moonlit dinners on a floating pontoon. Access is direct from Kariba to camp by Float Plane or by private charter to the nearby airstrip at Bumi. Musango boasts the largest selection of activities on Lake Kariba.

Musango Safari Camp is an exclusive 12-bedded camp, ideal for a relaxing holiday. Under thatch, the large luxurious safari tents each have en-suite bathrooms built out of natural stone. The frontal verandas offer panoramic views of the Matusadona National Park and mountains. The swimming pool area and the bar/lounge platform offer an excellent place in which to relax and view game during the heat of the day.

Musango boasts the highest ratio of guides to guests. Excursions include walks into the Matusadona National Park, game viewing by boat along the many inlets and creeks, and casual canoe paddling up adjacent creeks where bird life is prolific and the scenery breathtaking. We offer limited and seasonal fishing and our boats are fully equipped with tackle and bait. We also conduct Dinosaur Fossil and early stone-age site visits as well as specialised birding trips.

Your host, Steve Edwards, who owns and built Musango Safari Camp in 1992, was with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management for 18 years and has nearly 30 years experience with wildlife. Steve is an avid photographer and a very keen birder.


Maronga Tented Camp

The camp is situated under a large grove of Acacia trees on a narrow peninsular at the confluence of the Maronga and Ume rivers, within the Matusadona National Park. Three large, walk in safari tents are situated on the riverbank overlooking the Maronga estuary. Behind each tent is a large en suite bathroom with flush toilet, hand basin and traditional bucket shower. The bathroom is open to the skies and constructed of a reed enclosure. There is a veranda in front of each tent where guests may relax with an excellent view of the estuary. The dining room is under a large canvas roof and there is an adjoining sitting area where drinks are taken under the stars around the campfire.

The area is quite different from the usual Kariba lakeshore, with a distinct riverine habitat. There are many floating reed islands, making ideal nesting sites for the prolific birdlife in the area. The area is also the home of the rare Pel's Fishing Owl, which is heard from the camp most nights. Over 350 species of birds has been recorded from the area due to its riverine habitat and its proximity to the Matusadona escarpment.

There is a network of tracks leading from the camp up into the escarpment, which is frequented by mammal species not found on the lake shore - these include Eland, Sable and Roan Antelope. The camp is in an area frequented by Black Rhino. Elephant and Buffalo abound and the Maronga peninsular forms the boundary of two lion pride's territories. The upper reach of the Ume River is a crocodile breeding sanctuary in which Maronga Tented Camp is located. There are a number of pods of Hippo in the area and Impala, Water Buck, Kudu and Bushbuck are common. The terrain is good Leopard country and sightings of these elusive cats are occasional.

Activities include drives into the interior and up the Escarpment, canoeing up the many creeks, game viewing by motorised pontoon raft (an ideal stable photographic platform) and walking trails.


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