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Activity list

Activity list

Whether you're tackling Victoria Falls from Zambia or Zimbabwe quite simply choose from our selection of standard trips, make up a package that suits you, make your booking in advance, arrive, present your voucher and just enjoy!

Discounted combinations include white water rafting, canoeing, sunset cruises, elephant back trails, the lion encounter,  helicopter flights or bunji jumps "positively the cheapest way".

Certain activities are only available on the Zambian or Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls. You may have to pay the additional transfer and visa fees to pursue them if they're on the opposite side of the river to where you're staying.

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Some of the options this season

White water rafting options:

  • Half day rafting - low water Aug - Jan            US$120.00
  • Full day rafting - low water Aug - Jan             US$145.00
  • High water Feb - July                                   US$130.00

Raft/Riverboarding Combo

  • Raft/Riverboarding - half                             US$155.00
  • Raft/Riverboarding – Full day                       US$175.00
  • Raft/Riverboarding high water rapids 11-23    US$165.00

Upper Zambezi Canoeing

  • Canoeing - half day                                     US$95.00
  • Canoeing - full day                                      US$120.00
  • One day overnight Canoeing                         US$200.00

Zambezi Elephant Trails

  • Elephant safari - AM & PM                             US$150.00
  • Elephant Encounter walking with the elephants US$90.00
  • Elephant Interaction excluding transfers          US$50.00

Lion Encounter – Zimbabwe or Zambia                      US$115.00
Lady Livingstone River cruises       
Breakfast/Lunch cruise                                            US$55.00
Sunset cruise                                                         US$60.00
Breakfast/lunch/sunset cruise                                   US$45.00
Dinner Cruise                                                         US$50.00
Tours and Game Drives
Chief Makuni Village Tour                                        US$40.00
Tour of the Falls                                                     US$45.00
Tour of Livingstone                                                 US$40.00
Game drives AM & PM incl park fees                          US$50.00
Full day game drive - Chobe                                    US$175.00

Helicopter flight - 13 mins                                       US$130.00
Helicopter flight - 30 mins                                       US$260.00
Micro light flight - 15 mins                                       US$120.00
Micro light flight - 30 mins                                       US$240.00

Bunji jump                                                             US$90.00
Tandem jump                                                        US$130.00
Bridge swing                                                          US$60.00
Bridge slide                                                           US$30.00

Horse ride – 2 hours (US$5 transfer fee payable direct    US$75.00
Horse ride – half day with lunch (US$5 transfer fee payable direct US$110.00

Jetboat extreme (includes cable car)                        US$95.00                   
Abseiling half day                                                  US$95.00
Abseiling full day                                                   US$115.00
Gorge swing only                                                   US$75.00
Flying fox only – transfers not included                    US$35.00

Half day fishing safari                                                    US$120.00
Full day fishing safari (includes lunch at Waterberry lodge) US$250.00

Quad bike local trail 60 minutes                                      US$80.00
Quad bikes village trails 150 minutes 4 minimum             US$140.00

Livingstone Island Tour
Morning Breezer                                                   US$60.00
Lunch                                                                  US$115.00
High Tea                                                             US$90.00

Game walk                                                          US$75.00

Crocodile farm tour                                               US$20.00

National Parks fees to be paid direct for these activities to be carried as cash:
Elephant Back Safaris                                           US$10
Elephant Interaction and Encounter                        US$10
Lion Encounter                                                     US$10

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