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Canoe safari options

Canoe safari options

Two canoe safari formats are available on the lower Zambezi.

Full participation canoe safaris are "camping-type" trips where all provisions and gear are carried in canoes and overnight camps are made at specific camp spots on island or on the mainland.

Canoeists sleep in two-man bow tents or under mosquito nets draped over a paddle! All meals are prepared by the guide and canoeists assist with camp chores (erecting tents, fetching water, cleaning up etc). Ablutions are rudimentary - "Doug" is a small spade, "Lucy" is a toilet seat on a light frame!

These safaris operate on either the Zimbabwe or Zambian side of the river. In Zimbabwe from Kariba to Kanyemba, in Zambia, from Kafue to Chongwe (equivalent to Zimbabwe's Chirundu to Mana Pools leg).

Backed-up canoe safaris are a step up from the participatory trips. A full back-up crew tracks the canoeists along the mainland shoreline as it progresses down the Zambezi River.

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Full range of canoe safaris

Explorer: Marula

Kariba to Chirundu, 3 days/2 nights - US$670 per person

Explorer: Fisheagle

Kariba to Mana Pools, 6 days/5 nights - US$725 per person

Explorer: Tamarind

Chirundu to Mana Pools, 4 days/3 nights - US$699 per person

Explorer: Mopane

Mana Pools to Chewore, 4 days/3 nights - US$725 per person

Explorer: Zambezi Classic Short

Chirundu to Kanyemba, 8 days/7 nights - US$1,134 per person

Explorer: Zambezi Classic Long

Kariba to Kanyemba, 10 days/9 nights - US$1,245 per person

Mana Pools Canoe/Walk

Mana shoreline, Camp Chitaki and Camp Zambezi - US$1,255 per person

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